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Medical Bud Shop is a reliable and genuine online dispensary to Buy White Rhino Weed Strain Online. White Rhino marijuana induces moderate cerebral high followed by deep body-mind relaxation and sedation. Uplifts mood, relieves stress, has good analgesic properties, stimulates appetite. May cause headaches and paranoia. Triggers couchlock. If you are  looking for safest and reliable online dispensary to buy marijuana online then you should have these questions running via your mind right now, i want to buy weed online | can i buy weed online from colorado | buy weed online worldwide | buy weed online international shipping | buy weed online europe | buy weed online delivery | buy marijuana online | can you buy marijuana online | how to buy marijuana online | where to buy marijuana online | can i buy marijuana online | buy marijuana online legally | where can i buy marijuana online | buy marijuana online safe | buy marijuana online cheap | buy marijuana online without medical card | can you buy marijuana online legally | buy marijuana online colorado | where to buy marijuana online safely | how can i buy marijuana online | best place to buy marijuana online | where can you buy marijuana online | buy marijuana online europe | cannabis for sale | cannabis for sale online | medical cannabis for sale | cannabis for sale near me

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20Pound(Escrow) $15,000.00


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best place to buy marijuana online. White Rhino is an Indica dominant strain that has won many second place awards but is known to be a first rate strain for producing massive yields. Named for the look of the top part of the plant that resembles the horn of a rhinoceros, this strain provides a strong Indica high. New users are cautioned to try this strain a few hits at a time as it can take a few moments for the full effect of the high to take effect. Once it does, the strain fills users with a euphoria that lifts moods and numbs the body. The bodily effects causes many users to feel lazy and tired.  Accompanying the beneficial effects might be these side-effects, dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, headaches and anxiety.  

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where can i buy cannabis online. Like many Indica dominant strains, this one should be used in the evening or at night and can be rather effective at treating insomnia. White Rhino’s numbing effects on the body are sought after by patients suffering from chronic aches and pains. Others choose the strain to relieve stress, anxiety, nausea, migraines and induce appetite. 



by Nicolas on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

It’s been a long time since I’ve had white rhino so when I saw it on MBS I had to get me some ? It has a fruity sweet smell to it which is one of my favorite traits in a bud. I’d put the fantastic smell in there with juicy fruit or blueberry just not as prevelant. The buds are fluffy and have a slight Christmas tree resemblance to their shape. This is a good all around buzz for relaxing in or going out to socialize. I also felt some pain relief and get a good night sleep. Keep up the great work MBS!!!

by Blake on AK-47 WEED
Location: Blake

Quick head high then a overwhelming calm. To me it tasted fruity but seeing other reviews it seems to vary by person to person.

by Robinson on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

Ordered on Friday and received my order today (and I live 3 000 miles away). Best quality weed I have smoked in a while. Just ordered some Rock Star. If you can get it here as fast as the last order, you are the best

by donnieboy69 on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

So I just could not say no to a strain called tuna kush! Especially after reading some interesting reviews mentioning “fishy” taste and “left me wanting more”. All in all I was very pleased with this AAA…another gem at a great price. I’d say kush is my go to if I don’t see anything else that catches my eye and this hit every mark. For me I get an uppity energetic high that’s long lasting. As for the smell? Definitely was a hint of tuna when I first opened the bottle but it faded away after it was exposed to air or maybe my nose got used to it. Either way great kush, great price. I would and will repeat ?

by mlaurence on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

Your rev I recommend to anyone who has difficulty breathing cannabi smoke, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach full effect. really discreet to have a good buzz thank you MBS

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by Danielle on WHITE RHINO WEED

Really good strain if you want a stronger Indica day time med. I am a heavyweight for my size and this is perfect summertime medicine if you just want to go out in nature and gaze at great sights, at the beach, cottage or what not. Shouldn't knock out any real heavyweights and even lightweights could get through an easy lazy day with some coffee to keep you alert as one can fall asleep quickly for an early afternoon nap, and a long evening of gaming. One dab lasts me anywhere between 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the size. Kinda brought me back to my highschool days, an "I-don't-care-if-I'm-skipping-to-play-a-PS-hockey-game" feel and everything is freaking terribly hilarious too! One of those, you can't wreck my good mood, no matter what anyone tries strain. If you're like me and have stress problems, take a ride on the White Rhino to trample your worries, sit back, relax, grab the remote and bask at how amazing you've suddenly become, out of nowhere and how amazing those 2002 graphics are! Made me LOVE my PS2 once again 🙂 I have M.S. and would definitely recommend it to someone in my condition who doesn't need to move around a lot. I tried it for 1 month this time around. It's medical value is quite high and helps me greatly.

by Delilah on WHITE RHINO WEED

This is first time I've tried this strain. I'm a big fan of White Widow which is one of the parents. The other is an unknown Indica. Wasn't able to find the flower, so I'm reviewing a nicely done full melt concentrate. I'm saying nicely done, because the smell is amazing, with heavy floral/fruity undertones and no smell of butane. A small dab produced an amazing amount of smoke. Again, there is no taste of butane; just a heavy floral taste that isn't harsh at all. It took about ten minutes before a felt the full effects of the strain. Usually, concentrates don't take that long, so this is definitely a creeper. Definitely on the indica side but not too much. Got a nice, not overwhelming head high that provided some focus and made me happy and kind of snickery. A little spacey for a perfect wake and bake but not bad. Eliminated my nausea with a high munchie factor. The indica side provides a very pleasent/relaxing body pull without forcing you into the couch. Kind of reminiscent of a strong Kush, so maybe that's what the indica side is. Doesn't force me to sleep, but wouldn't prevent it either. Overall, this is a fantastic strain at least in the concentrate. Very enjoyable and eliminated my nausea and pain. Looking forward to trying some flower of this strain sometime.-sy




This strain was a bit of a surprise. Though most indicas either go too far or too little with their body locks, but this was definitely an even blend of head and body euphoria. A balanced pine, earth flavor compliments the intake. Warm, non-harsh exhale marries well as the fresh aroma burns down. Though the cbd level is not as aristocratic as other contenders White Rhino definitely exploits it medical benefits. If you are either angst with attention problems or depressive this is a valid flower to relieve while still remaining functional. In closing, good smoke with balanced buzz. Recommended for the independent toker.

by Delgado on WHITE RHINO WEED

Wow where to start! As soon as we had caged the white rhino and transformed it into a dank lightsaber, we ignited the beast between our eagerly awaiting lips. The take off was uplifting and thought provoking, with the intimidating threat of couch lock looming over all the while. You would not believe the munchies you get on this dank ass sticky-icky foliage. Ride the rhino man, let it take you away on it's beasty ass horn.


Found it highly effective for menstrual craps.

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