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Quarter Pound $550.00
Half Pound $1,100.00
Pound(Escrow) $1,650.00
5Pound(Escrow) $5,000.00
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buy weed online no medical card . Tahoe OG exhibits large neon green calyxes with an extra thick layer of trichomes and has a very pungent aroma with mixtures of lemon, earthiness, pine and a somewhat skunky fuel.  The taste is incredibly smooth, definitely one you’d hope for when seeking out a calming and numbing sensation.

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medical cannabis for sale online.  It provides a heavy brain relaxation especially in the frontal lobe as well as behind the eyes. When inhaled, it starts to create a numbing effect that circulates throughout the entire body. With this relaxation comes the feeling of euphoria and some minor creativity stimulation. Medicinally, Tahoe OG has been proven useful for muscle pain and spasms, mood enhancement and as a powerful anti-anxiety aid. Tahoe OG lasts up to 3 hours and provides a relaxing feeling throughout the day

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by JamaicaRob on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

I really love the variety @MBS yet this is the fourth or fifth time I have ordered blue cheese. Without a doubt, my favourite Indica. Unique smell and taste, a great high, I use it as my nighttime smoke. Highly recommended

by Braylynn on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

Blue cheese was a great smoke. I liked it so much I had to place my next order early ? I ordered an Ounce and the buds varied in size, but the big ones were beautiful. Thick and firm – and they smelled phenomenal. I definitely would order this strain again.

by Nicolas on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

It’s been a long time since I’ve had white rhino so when I saw it on MBS I had to get me some ? It has a fruity sweet smell to it which is one of my favorite traits in a bud. I’d put the fantastic smell in there with juicy fruit or blueberry just not as prevelant. The buds are fluffy and have a slight Christmas tree resemblance to their shape. This is a good all around buzz for relaxing in or going out to socialize. I also felt some pain relief and get a good night sleep. Keep up the great work MBS!!!

by Blake on AK-47 WEED
Location: Blake

Quick head high then a overwhelming calm. To me it tasted fruity but seeing other reviews it seems to vary by person to person.

by Robinson on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

Ordered on Friday and received my order today (and I live 3 000 miles away). Best quality weed I have smoked in a while. Just ordered some Rock Star. If you can get it here as fast as the last order, you are the best

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 5 reviews
by Christopher on TAHOE OG KUSH
Location: Quebec, QC

Indica-dominant. Potent and smooth. Very good relief for lower back pain and leg cramps. Put me right to sleep, too.

by Cavazos on TAHOE OG KUSH
Location: West Hartford, CT

I was really impressed when I tried "Tahoe OG Kush". I was having an episode of my arthritis causing myself pain and tried something new by vaporizing marijuana. I love that marijuana has showed me an alternative way of fighting off the pain I am having instead of using opioids.

by Stoner on TAHOE OG KUSH
Location: Richmond, BC

I completely enjoy this strain. Very good for sleeping. Very good for sex. It doesn't give me the munchies. I have endometriosis and the pain can be unreal! This strain helped tremendously. I love the earthy taste. all around its perfect!

by Williams on TAHOE OG KUSH
Location: Elizabeth City, NC

A really good 50/50 hybrid. Great for work. Very relaxed high with hints of sativa that help me get my work done.

by Colella on TAHOE OG KUSH
Location: Ramore, ON

I have very bad insomnia at nights, ill toss and turn all night. wake up throughout the night, i have back pain as well (minor) and it messes with my insomnia. this strain right here is amazing for both, im a pretty regular smoker i smoke a few times every day. it took about 2 good hits and i was ready for bed feeling relaxed. best indica strain in my opinion

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