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Quarter Pound $500.00
Half Pound $1,000.00
Pound(Escrow) $1,600.00
5Pound(Escrow) $5,000.00
10Pound(Escrow) $7,000.00
20Pound(Escrow) $15,000.00


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buy weed online ship anywhere. Sour Kush is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It is a hybrid cannabis strain, featuring both Indica and Sativa effects, although it is Indica dominant. This relaxing blend will leave users feeling relaxed and euphoric, with an enjoyable boost in overall happiness. THC content of Sour Kush is around 20% to 22%. While this can be a great strain to wake and bake with, it’s advisable to be wary of dosing to high and becoming lazy and couch locked in the process. You may also find yourself frequenting the kitchen as well, rummaging through the fridge in search of snacks.

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medical weed for sale online. Sour Kush is a useful ally to enlist for users experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, relaxing them and elevating their mood. This strain is also used in alleviating symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Those suffering from Gastrointestinal disorder will also find beneficial effects from Sour Kush. The pain killing properties of the strain can dull the oftentimes overwhelming sensations associated with migraine headaches. Sour Kush is also used to help alleviate symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. The deeply relaxing effects can also prove beneficial for those suffering from insomnia, lulling them into a relaxing sleep. Sour Kush can also help stimulate the appetite.

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by Nicolas on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

It’s been a long time since I’ve had white rhino so when I saw it on MBS I had to get me some ? It has a fruity sweet smell to it which is one of my favorite traits in a bud. I’d put the fantastic smell in there with juicy fruit or blueberry just not as prevelant. The buds are fluffy and have a slight Christmas tree resemblance to their shape. This is a good all around buzz for relaxing in or going out to socialize. I also felt some pain relief and get a good night sleep. Keep up the great work MBS!!!

by Blake on AK-47 WEED
Location: Blake

Quick head high then a overwhelming calm. To me it tasted fruity but seeing other reviews it seems to vary by person to person.

by Robinson on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

Ordered on Friday and received my order today (and I live 3 000 miles away). Best quality weed I have smoked in a while. Just ordered some Rock Star. If you can get it here as fast as the last order, you are the best

by donnieboy69 on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

So I just could not say no to a strain called tuna kush! Especially after reading some interesting reviews mentioning “fishy” taste and “left me wanting more”. All in all I was very pleased with this AAA…another gem at a great price. I’d say kush is my go to if I don’t see anything else that catches my eye and this hit every mark. For me I get an uppity energetic high that’s long lasting. As for the smell? Definitely was a hint of tuna when I first opened the bottle but it faded away after it was exposed to air or maybe my nose got used to it. Either way great kush, great price. I would and will repeat ?

by mlaurence on MEDICAL BUD SHOP

Your rev I recommend to anyone who has difficulty breathing cannabi smoke, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach full effect. really discreet to have a good buzz thank you MBS

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 5 reviews
by Jonathan on SOUR KUSH
Location: Montclair, NJ

One of my favorites. The happiest highs and the best body-numbingness. It's perfect for depression and/or a social smoke. Not energetic but not quite couch locked either - just fun. Watch out for some munchies though.

by Kress on SOUR KUSH
Location: Montreal, QC

great strain! within 5 mins my migraine subsided and the whole body pain disappeared. I am very alert but calm afterwards. I would recommend this strain for a day to day pain killer

by Shirley on SOUR KUSH
Location: Hollywood, FL

Easy-going and always dependable. One of the best strains in my arsenal. Love the Sour Kush.

by Michael on SOUR KUSH
Location: Montreal, QC

This strain is well-balanced. I love smoking it during the day. It makes me get alot of tasks completed, with very little negative side effects. It has a good euphoric, energetic and uplifting feel with also fairly good pain relief.

by Adam on SOUR KUSH
Location: Cooksville, ON

I've been using this for a long time. My favorite from my town's dispensary (as well as everyone else's). It's hard not to sit back and laugh at just about everything. An evening strain for most but a day strain for me! 😎

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