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Buy blueberry kush strain/seeds use for sleep, pain, anxiety for sale near me in bulk in usa uk canada australia from a real online dispensary with free overnight delivery.

buy weed online europe . Due to its Indica heritage, Blueberry Kush is great for natural pain relief and is considered among the strongest medicinal strains. It is recommended for use during the evening or night-time. Its powerful sedating effects make it ideal for insomniacs. Blueberry Kush is used for nausea and anorexia and, to a lesser degree, for stress and anxiety relief.

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real weed for sale online. Blueberry Kush cannabis strain is a unique Indica originated from Oregon. It is considered to be one of the strongest medicinal strains on the market due to high potency. Blueberry Kush marijuana is a well deserved winner of 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup awards. Blueberry Kush cannabis is best for the evening and bedtime use as has deep sedative effects including heavy couch lock.

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Mar 20, 2021
Location: Spiceland, IN

Can't go wrong with the GSC. Great for my anxiety, headaches, and depression.

Mar 15, 2021
 by Harrison on MOON ROCK
Location: Denver, CO

So I took 2 hits of some moon rock out a bong and I literally was falling asleep in the car!!! I am a heavy smoker so I was really surprised wit the high and effect I got off only 2 hits. I recommend to everyone who loves bud !

Mar 10, 2021
 by Katherine on STRAWBERRY COUGH
Location: Shawinigan, QC

Fantastic for stress, pain and nausea. Fibromyalgia stands no chance with this. Thanks!

Mar 7, 2021
 by Handley on PLATINUM KUSH
Location: Welland, ON

Great taste, great smell. Probably my favorite kush

Mar 3, 2021
 by Deacon on MOON ROCK
Location: Toronto, ON

To me this is a very heavy indica, great body high, relaxing with a bit of tingle in the arms and legs. This is one of my go-to's for crohn's pain and sleep.

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Nov 23, 2020
 by Judy

M.O.B. is a Maine Strain and can be called Mother of Berries, Mother of Buds or an assortment of other things but it is one thing- absolutely amazing. M.O.B. is an awesome stress reliever, good for pain and insomnia. It is good for all over body pain and has a beautiful berry smell and purple inner core of its' nugs. Also, look to M.O.B. to help you see the forest through the trees. For some reason, it always helps me work through 'life' quandaries! Enjoy!

Aug 25, 2020
 by Harper

I used this original blueberry from Infinite Wellness Center in Lakewood, Co. to break a 5 day bought of mania. It took about 1.5 grams before it broke. I had heartburn for three solid days, it left as well. I had expected this would make me hungry, it didn't. The flavor is blueberry, berries. Pretty soft smoke and doesn't expand much but even as a long time everyday user it was long lasting. You will reach the point of therapeutic benefit, then another hit of the water pipe every 45 minutes, no joint pain, feel relaxed, no racing thoughts. The grower did a fine job and it was well cured and burned evenly. Thank you cannabis.

Jul 28, 2020
 by Nathaniel

I had a hybrid variant of this - Thai Blueberry, c/o Boulder Botanicals - and, oh boy, is it knock-your-socks-off good. One of the most pleasant smelling strains, it also hits you quickly and intensely. The high is very uplifting, almost to the point of making you giggly, but doesn't suppress your energy as much as more pure indicas I've had. It lasts a long time and is great to help boost conversation, creativity and, frankly, make you feel great.

Jul 5, 2020
 by Dorothy

Overall a great strain, at least for my problems. Though a hybrid, it is very heavy on the Indica. Typical Sativa effects are barely noticeable (at least in this batch); the only thing characteristic of a Sativa here is the lack of couch lock and some definite-head high. This is good, though, as I far prefer Indicas. There is a nice division between the body and head high, with a lovely tingling warmth in my belly and my creative juices flowing in my mind. As for medical issues, this is one of the best strains I've ever found for my headaches (cluster headache). I also have trouble with anxiety, which likewise melts away after consumption of this particular weed. I don't get Blueberry from the smell or taste, but it's very pleasant tasting bud. The smell tends to be on the musty side in my experience, but the taste is fresh and bright. It is almost refreshing. Only a few negatives... dry/red eyes and cottonmouth like you wouldn't believe. Also, horrendous nauseous when too much is consumed, but this is dose-dependent. You can smoke enough to get a great high without feeling sick, but there seems to be a fine line. Every so often I have too much and feel like I'm going to vomit, but it seems to be a pretty rare occurrence and usually passes within 30-40 minutes. Other than that, it's all good. Overall rating: 8/10

Jun 10, 2020
 by Elise

wicked strain. super relaxing, pain relieving, joyful, floaty. I am a cancer survivor, have fibro, serious anxiety, and advanced degenerative disc disease and 17 herniated discs in my spine paired with scoliosis and I feel like a carefree kid for just shy of an hour. bonus, it tastes awesome! I am not a fan of "earthy" or cheese strains so the blueberry muffin taste is tremendous. I have v'pd the flower, smoked the flower, ate a medicinal chocolate bar, smoked the shatter. the taste is an obvious difference but found the effects were favorable interchangeably. starting to get peckish after about 29 minutes of smoking. that's a bummer cause I need to cut back on my munchies to stay in my current pant size and I just got groceries.

May 13, 2020
 by Hunter

Excellent medicinally and recreationally! Vaping this Blueberry makes me sooo relaxed and calm it almost feels like how I would imagine having 3 drinks and taking a Vicodin feels. No anxiety. At all! In that sense of feeling -though unlike alcohol not actually BEING- less inhibited by one's inner criticism, it is like alcohol as well. Don't worry though, unlike alcohol or narcotics this gal won't inhibit your conscience or awareness itself, rather it is more the perception of it doing so that makes one feel so at ease and confident. I don't recommend using this in the morning unless you have really bad nausea or a headache. By far Blueberry is the best nausea medication for me period. The vaped smell may smell like rotten papaya (Hash Plant has that same kind of smell going on too!), but somehow it calms my stomach down like no other. Other than mornings, Blueberry is great for all times of day. Whether for relaxing muscles and de-stressing after work, whether tokin' up with friends to have a good giggly time, or whether easing into bed, Blueberry is definitely one of the most solid indica's out there. I feel like I'm writing a commercial for this strain or something but it isn't that, I've got real love for this one.

Jun 5, 2018
 by Keith

WOW!!! What made me try blueberry was the blue cheese strain. Knowing blueberry was a parent of blue cheese I figured I would like this strain. And I love this strain!!!! At first you don't feel anything, but wait for it.... And it started from my toes and worked its way through your body. You begin to melt like warm butter on a hot day! Then out of nowhere, you get happy for no apparent reason and nothing matters. Blueberry reminds me of the 80's when weed was weed and it made you feel loose and happy. It relieved my back pain in 5 minutes and was able to relax. Update: this is a day time pain reliever. It did not put me asleep and the effects (which are great) last a long time. I did have a hard time sleeping and would never smoke this again at night if I plan on heading to bed. But this is a great pain reliever!

May 27, 2018
 by Haines

True Blueberry is hard to find; much like my review on Chocolate Chunk, it all depends on how passionate the grower is about bringing out that flavor. When you do find it, though, it's one of the best. I'd happily trade an ounce of Gorilla Glue for an eighth of well grown blueberry. And that's REALLY saying something!

May 23, 2018
 by Graves

This flower really works for my RA and Degenerative Arthritis pain. I would recommend this to anyone that has had trouble getting CBD's to work. I know it is contrary to typical thinking, and I was surprised too, but the high level of THC seemed to melt my pain away in minutes without zonking me out. There is a few minutes of slight confusion followed by clarity, focus, and creativity. Try it.

May 5, 2018
 by Sherry

Come on who doesn't love a nice bowl of some good Blueberry before bed or after work or on a lazy weekend or maybe after a stressful situation or whatever other possible reason you can come up with it's I think the first pot I can remember smoking that actually had a name or one of them. Just picked up some bud from liberty reach which turned out pretty damn nice (respect) especially for 45 an eighth it's dense green and purple buds that are covered in frosty trichomes I also picked up some wax that had great flavor and was running at about 75% THC the high is very relaxing both physically and mentally it's very euphoric probably more of an end to the day than a beginning atleast for most. Blueberry is a Indica strain I will always feel comfortable buying if it looks good, if you haven't tried this yet, do.

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