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Marcelo Como
Mar 21, 2020
 by Marcelo Como
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Great delivery service you guys have here. My orders cam right on time.I have order off Medical Bud Shop couple of times and they all turn out be success. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a genuine deal. Thanks guys

Mar 18, 2020
 by Charlotte

Mild buzz. Excellent day smoked as you won’t be couch locked. Would rather say it’s AA or AAA and that you pay for the name. It really is a must to try strain!

Mar 15, 2020
 by Herbalist

Flavorful and powerful, what a wonderful delight, right from the first light….. This strain is outta sight…… 5 star scorcher……. Blazin and stinkin…………

Tyler R
Mar 11, 2020
 by Tyler R

Great stuff, heavy hitting for sleep its great but its good for all other weed effects as well. big nugs at least mine were. 5 stars

Mar 7, 2020
 by venzessa

Omg, this strain is AMAZING. Not only are the nugs the most beautiful I have ever seen, the buzz is perfect. One look at that stuff and you know what’s up. It is definitely worth the higher price. Made the envy of everyone I showed it to. Had a lot of people tell me it’s the best thing they’ve ever smoked. I will keep ordering some of that as my ‘special’ weed!

Mar 4, 2020
 by Danielle

I really enjoyed Space Queen. So much so, I went back for thirds. Great smell and taste. The buzz left me happy, relaxed and stress free from the pressures of the daily grind. Good conversation buzz for chillin with friends. I would repeat….and did!

Mar 1, 2020
 by donnieboy69

I bought this because I love the fruity smell to it and it is a classic that i was fortunate enough to get locally a few times over the years. I always felt this bud’s best quality was it’s likeness to the smell of blueberries. It’s a great one to share with friends but don’t expect a high flyer. I find it’s more of a go about your business/energetic kinda buzz rather than euphoric. I would repeat my order soon

Feb 26, 2020
 by mlaurence

I received my order in 2 days thank you MBS the taste of honey is really incredible, and the buds are really beautiful, very good weeds I recommend it to all

Feb 24, 2020
 by newtownmitch

I really love the clear headed buzz and the uplifting effect. Really helps focus and creativity. Makes you feel really good and its the best after a stressful day at work. Only negative thing is the really small and dry buds. Doesn’t look like AAAA but i’d buy again.. I love it

Feb 20, 2020
 by Valcourt

My mom lives with fibromyalgia and herniated discs and it has made such a difference in her comfort. She’s extremely happy with this product we will definitely be purchasing it again.

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